June 13, 2024

A sound mind exists in a well sounded and healthy body”. Health is the most crucial part of our daily lives. It is well said “Health is Wealth.” A healthy and fit body is capable of positive and environmental friendly vibes .It provides the person the power to maintain equilibrium between physical and mental health.

Sports play an important role in keeping the body healthy and fit. It provides activeness, confidence and balance between persons. In mental terms, Sports help humans in health sustenance and prevent them from chronic diseases such as obesity, anxiety depression and overthinking. To prevent the students from current situation of the pressures and overthinking mind depression heartbreak, family responsibilities, students should engage themselves in physical activity. Such physical activities which keep body healthy and fit are termed as sporting. Nowadays, schools provide various sporting activities that students should prefer such as cricket football basketball.

There are various advantages of sports and doing such activity. These are:



  • Liberty: When u start doing physical activity and engaging you in sports u feel liberal from outside threats peer pressure. You engage yourself and hence ignore such negative vibes.
  • Medical reason: Doctors recommend that when u feel low or feel overwhelming or face any mental disorder u should work on your health and get busy in sports. Play as much u can get busy with what u has.
  • Helps in Development: Sports help in the development activity. It provides maintaining your skills regarding your preferred sport.
  • Leadership quality: Sports enhance your leadership quality and spirit. It possesses your competitive spirit and your way of dealing situations.
  • Stabilize your health: Sports help to balance your body and mind physically and mentally. Children should be provided enough facilities to get themselves engaged in sports . Sports activities provide cooperative behavior harmony among students. They also provide archive behavior knowledge to students.
  • Advancement of technology is good but there must be a balance between the use of technology and quality of life
  • Good health facilities: sporting provides good health facilities to students for those involve in sport normally have good stamina and healthier than others.
  • Helps in engaging students: Sports help the students to engage themselves in outside activities. Nowadays teenagers involve themselves in indoor activities more or more involved in mobiles.

Thus we can conclude that sports have been an important aspect of our life . We should give ourselves some quality of time while playing sports. Therefore it would help you to enhance your health being  stabilized .